Abraham Kopperambil

At the beginning, I realised that I had the skills for becoming a good batsmen with aspects such as good hand-eye coordination skills however without the technique aspect, my game would have never have improved as much as it has without the help of Brenden and his coaching skills.  

Even from the very beginning it was very easy to make a good relationship with Brenden and he is very understanding and pays close attention to the amount of feedback you give to him with the things that you felt were good but also the things that you felt like you could improve on. Over time, I mainly took charge of the session, instead of him, this meant that I could pick a certain skill that I could work on and could break it down in key elements such as technique, power and outcome.


Brenden’s coaching style can be described as very enjoyable. He will make sure that you challenge yourself and help you realise the weak points that are in your game and help strengthen them to make you into a much better player. Working with Brenden allowed me to unlock my true potential and to be the best player I can be.

James White

Brenden has coached me from age 6 right through to when I left to go to King’s Taunton, although I have continued with sporadic catch up 1-2-1’s. His brilliance as a coach doesn’t just come from his technical precision, but his ability to manage and understand the client. Whether confidence was very low or very high, his capacity to adapt the session so that I was constantly being pushed in a positive environment, allowing my game to continually grow. I would recommend Brenden to any player that wants to improve their game awareness and technical fundamentals. 

Daniel Howgill

I have worked with Brenden for 5 years. Each year we sit down to review what has gone well and areas we can develop. This gives us a planned programme for 1:1 sessions. I find 1:1 sessions to be extremely beneficial, as I get time to focus and get high quality practice on a specific skill. Work like this has helped me improve and develop to become a top order batsman for my County side. 

The Academy group sessions challenge my tactical, mental and decision making skills in game situations.

All of this prepares me and gives me huge confidence for the season. We continue 1:1 sessions during the season, focusing more on hitting balls in a challenging scenario.

My work with Brenden has fuelled a rapid improvement in my cricket. 

Lisa Malin

Brenden runs a very comprehensive, unique, tailor-made coaching programme. Whether that be in a 1 to 1 scenario or in an academy environment where he is able to call upon from a pool of coaches that reinforce his ethos.

Brenden exhumes enthusiasm for the business he has developed over the years and that can be seen when he is amongst his clients and they can sense that too and react to it equally.

We met Brenden at a very difficult time in our lives when my son was struggling with confidence due to his father dying of cancer but the opportunities that his 1 to 1 and academy experiences gave him helped him to get through and to focus and develop his cricket. He is now able to accurately bowl many variations that confuse the batsman!

My daughter, also a keen cricketer and leg spin bowler, required Brenden to use different coaching skills in her 1 to 1 sessions as she was so much younger and learnt from sight and feel at that time and not by instruction – which definitely made coaching her somewhat of a challenge…..

Now, looking back that must have been very difficult to accommodate two very different, raw children but Brenden’s coaching is fluid and he is able to make such changes seem effortless.

My children still really enjoy their 1 to 1 sessions and academies with Brenden and their ways of learning have definitely evolved though the time they have been receiving his coaching.

Keith Willock

Brenden really does plan and put in place outstanding cricket sessions. Every session is planned with the player at the centre of it, and enables the player to progress extremely quickly and to a very high standard. Brenden looks at how cricket is developing and tailors his sessions accordingly to make them relevant to the demands of modern cricket, and also enjoyable to all of those involved. During the sessions the players are challenged both with their skill development but also their game play decision making, to make all of the training easily transferable to match situations. I cannot recommend Brenden highly enough

Mark Tomkinson

Brenden is an excellent and inspirational cricket coach. He has played a key role in my son’s cricket development over the past two years. He has been quick to identify and build on his strengths, whilst also working hard on his weaknesses. The sessions are rigorous and enjoyable. Great fun for both player and parent alike.

James Grigg

James was first introduced to Brenden via the MCC Foundation programme for state educated school children back in 2015. After an enjoyable consecutive 2 years the programme stopped as he became too old. After 6 months break I contacted Brenden as James was lacking in confidence about his ability. 

What a difference these 1:1s and the Brenden Worth Academy group sessions has had on James.  

From techniques to improve his speed as a fast bowler to a challenging, varied batting programme – James has developed confidence in his own ability again.

What you should know is James experienced issues with his back due to growing pains and Brenden developed a warm up routine alongside a programme to return James to full fitness.

Most importantly James is now back enjoying his cricket and looking forward to playing at a high standard – what level this is will depend on James. Thank you Brenden

Katie Hambly

Brenden is a brilliant coach – experienced,  inspiring and skilled.  He gives huge confidence and challenges his cricketers in just the right way.

My son always comes away from one of his sessions with a massive smile on his face, you couldn’t ask for more.

Jon Goulder

My son has been training with BWCA for 2 years, first as part of the Academy sessions and latterly with a programme of 1:1 sessions over the winter (2019/2020).

He quickly clicked with Brenden and really took to his technical, methodical method of coaching. 

The improvement in my son’s technique over the winter has been really impressive and I cannot wait for the opportunity to see it in practice in a game situation. 

Brenden spends time assessing the learning method of his student in order to deliver his coaching in the most effective method, also involving the parent, where appropriate, to reinforce the training points he is making.

With his intimate technical knowledge and passion for the game I cannot fault his coaching, he has been an inspiration to my son and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

John Agnew

Having my son, Jake, coached by Brenden for the past 18 months has been a real pleasure. 

Brenden ensures that both the player and the parent are fully engaged in the coaching process from discussing the players requirements to putting a comprehensive session plan in place through to ensuring that all understand what needs to be and is actually achieved in each session. 

This process has worked brilliantly for Jake who has, without exception, walked away from each private lesson full of enthusiasm and, I am sure, with a better understanding of his own abilities. 

This is wholly down to Brenden’s professional approach and the friendly way he coaxes the best from Jake. 

Chris Bennett

My sons are both keen club cricketers. We practise at home, play as many matches as they can and attend two or three professional matches every summer. Both boys are knowledgeable about the game and were obviously ready for a new cricketing challenge.

Brenden’s one to one sessions proved to be a revelation for both boys, who have very different characters but share a love of cricket. Brenden’s technical knowledge is excellent.  He considers the nature of modern cricket and pitches sessions at a level which challenges players to improve but with opportunities for regular success. 

Both my boys have improved as players thanks to Brenden. They have learned to reflect on their own game and have the confidence to analyse what is going well and why things may not be. 

My youngest son (U12) took part in Brenden’s MCC sessions and Academy. Both were an excellent balance of coaching and purposeful match play, supported by a knowledgeable and nurturing group of coaches. 

I always know when my boys are keen on something because they write it on our calendar and don’t let me forget! And this is the case with Brenden’s coaching sessions.

Philip Crosthwaite-Eyre

My son started his tuition with Brenden as an absolute beginner in 2015 when he was 7yrs old. Brenden very quickly adapted his teaching style and pace to suit my son’s ability so that he learnt the necessary skills in depth. Brenden has the knack of maintaining discipline and concentration in the boys while making sure they are always having fun. Brenden offers one to one tuition as well as tailoring sessions with one or two other students so that they can experience a competitive environment. As a result of his thorough and professional coaching, my son played for the Devon County U11 team last year. I would fully recommend Brenden as a coach who will get the very best out of all his students. 


Academy sessions are fun, engaging and centered around the individual as well as instilling a team ethic. My son loves the sessions and the nurturing team of coaches have really helped him develop in all areas of his game, especially as a wicket keeper.

Natalie Maynard

I have been really delighted with the whole experience that the MCC has given my son Keith. He did not participate in the year 7 sessions so we went in blindly not really knowing how the sessions would be run exactly.

The trials were a great experience. Full opportunity was given to show their skills whether they were bowling, fielding, batting and share their mental skills too. I’ve not seen this done so purposefully at a trial before.

I have been impressed with the balance of reward, praise and recognition yet at the same time questioning their understanding of their mistakes and errors. This has always been done in a way that challenges them to break through the mental pressures they are facing, work through what went wrong and help them self correct their findings.

I would recommend the programme to anyone who is passionate about improving their cricketing skills.

Thanks very much to Brenden and the coaching team.

Adrian Manuell

Brenden has been coaching my son for the past 4 years through one to one sessions and also through the cricket academy sessions. 

My sons improvement in cricket has been unbelievable;. Joining as a complete beginner and now a major contributor to his own age group and in adult cricket. Training sessions are tailored to ability, working to improve their game at their own pace with a strong emphasis on enjoyment.

I will be continuing to use Brenden Worth Cricket Academy and would strongly recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their game.

Nik Dunn

My eldest attended Brenden’s academy programme. Sessions were really well structured and the coaching was of a very high standard ensuring that all disciplines of cricket were covered.

Noah Carlisle

MCC Foundation has had a massive impact on my cricketing career so far, benefiting my psychological and technical play.

For instance, in year seven, the program was designed so that people could have the fundamentals of cricket and learn new skills.

In year eight, the program that Brenden Worth developed challenged me mentally as well as physically. Each session offered challenges that are both fun and purposeful in relation to the topic.

Toby Julyan

Brenden is the best coach I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He is very encouraging and supportive in every aspect of the sport. For years he has helped me grow into a better player, both technically and mentally. I would recommend his services to any player, no matter the level of skill, whether you are just starting out or have been playing your whole life. 

Ben Evans

I have worked with Brenden for a number of years now, being both coached as a player and mentored as a coach. Brenden is an extremely committed coach and works very hard to build a relationship with his clients which contributes to his exceptional outcomes. Brenden is one of the best coaches I have worked with and I encourage anyone interested in improving their cricket to get in touch.

Rees Kenyon

Four coaches is a rare opportunity for players. I’ve witnessed one-to-one development which helps if a player feels nervous or embarrassed about a certain aspect of their game.

The coaching teams is fair to each player and are genuinely positive in their approach to training and development. 

The coaches are firm but fair.  

Each player is valued equally. 

Every player knows that it’s time to listen when a coach is speaking. 

The positivity is evident. 

The coaching team smiles and are proud of the team.

Having witnessed county level development, the MCC programme surpasses this by a country mile.

Inclusion is positively promoted.

Paul Jones

As someone who came to cricket later in life than many, I have thoroughly enjoyed Brenden’s teaching and coaching.  I found my sessions with Brenden to be engaging and enjoyable and they have greatly improved my abilities in batting in bowling.  I look forward to my coaching sessions with Brenden very much.  The pace of the lessons is good from the start to the end, with a structure that I enjoy.

Through Brenden’s encouragement I have begun voluntarily supporting the junior cricket team my son plays with, using what I have learnt from Brenden to be able to informally coach children.  Both the cricketing abilities and the ways in which Brenden engages with his students have made me much more able and confident in doing this.

Cricket has become a real pleasure in my life.

David Fitzsimmons

The one to one sessions are good value for money, varied and increase both enjoyment and skill. They are always well planned and enthusiastically delivered. Video feedback is used very effectively. The positive impact on performance can be seen immediately.

Emma Kerr
Principal, Egloskerry Primary School

Brendan has been a key part of developing the physical provision of our pupils for almost a decade. His high expectations, cricketing skills and knowledge inspire and motivate our children to excel. As such, we have regularly achieved high standards at local and regional team events. This gives all children, of all abilities and backgrounds, the thirst to succeed as part of team and be resilient – knowing that they will reap the rewards of hard work and determination.

Alan Urry

Of all the sports I’ve played over the years, Cricket is the most complex and demanding, with the smallest margins of error. Because of that I realised that without help, and with limited talent, I was unlikely to see much improvement.
Thankfully that help came from Brenden, who is an exceptional coach and a very decent guy. His great gift is the ability to quickly size up what a player like me is doing wrong (lots), and then be able to correct it, fast. His forensic attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your technique is taken care of, so that your game moves forward in leaps and bounds. If it’s in you, he will bring it out. Sessions are challenging, and that’s just how they should be if you want to improve. But each time you’ll be leaving with a big grin on your face.
I came to him as a bowler who reluctantly took to the crease as a clueless number 11. Now I’m attacking pace and spin with the bat, using weight transfer techniques, not muscle, to hit boundaries, playing through the line of the ball with greater concentration and focus, choosing from a selection of shots I had previously only dreamed about, including the toughest one of all to get right, the on-drive. And I’m only a bowler. (that’s coming on nicely, too).
Every session with bat and ball I’ve had over the course of three seasons has produced better outcomes. Every session! Outstanding. And they’ve been tremendous fun.
So if, like me, you pay for results, be reassured you will get them with Brenden.