About Brenden Worth

When a parent or child asks me what I can do for them, I always reply with “to allow the player to become the best version of themselves as a cricketer”.
We all have role models (mine is Ben Stokes), someone we aspire to be as good as, but we are all different and have different needs. From a coaching perspective, every session is different and I thrive on engaging with each individual, finding a way to add value to their game. There is no such thing as an ‘off the shelf session’ for me…

My background is in training, whereby I worked as a trainer for the UK’s largest training company in the 90s. I set up my own training company in the 00s and started coaching cricket in 1997. Following a cricket playing career ending knee operation in 2005 I set up Brenden Worth Cricket Academy.

I never stop learning. I am always reading, researching, watching, asking questions. I consider listening and actually HEARING what is said, to be one of my best attributes.
Having completed many and various ECB accredited qualifications and required courses (including safeguarding accreditation, first aid training and a DBS check), I sought out and spent time with knowledgable local coaches that inspired my desire for specialist knowledge. I travelled the country, attending workshops, seminars, observing top coaches in action and again, asking lots of questions.
Whilst the awards are appreciated, my reward has always been seeing the smile on a players face having worked hard to succeed. This can be from simply taking a diving catch on a crash mat or to scoring a maiden century in County cricket or the multitude of other joyous aspects of cricket.
Academy group programmes are a different challenge.  The dynamic of group training is different to individual training, but the common theme is that the attendee wants to be there, to learn, to have fun, and to achieve. I hope you can see from the website photographs, video clips and testimonials, that we are all about the player.
The coaching team share my passion, whereby their skill sets add huge value to all programmes, irrespective of age or ability.
I am a product of team sports, and believe I understand the value of positive culture and positive energy.
The best athletes are the best because they are brilliant at the basics which in time becomes automatic. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Successful people do the little things better than everyone else.
I think self awareness is the single most important part of learning. Appreciate where you are with your game at a particular time, know your limits, know what you are good at, most importantly know what you are not good at.
Learning how to control the controllable is imperative to maximising performance. If you get distracted by things you don’t control, your performance suffers. We have limited energy, attention and resources, put them where they can actually make a difference.
I will always have more to learn and i look forward to what the game I love offers next.